Thursday, March 17, 2011


You'll have to excuse this picture for a few reasons. First of all, it features underage girls in various stages of undress. If this gets us in trouble with Chris Hansen, please set up a charmed city paypal account for our bail.(Actually, just set one up for us regardless.) Second of all, despite the alleged photographic powers of the iphone 4, this picture is grainy. Because Mr. Jobs is under the weather we'll let it go and blame it on the writhing pre-teens, but just this once.

Unless you're a fan of Gossip Girl or really angry chick rock, this post probably hasn't made much sense. Last night we spent thirteen American dollars to see The Pretty Reckless at the Otto Bar, and it was weird. Taylor Momsen, The Pretty Reckless' angsty front woman (girl? girl.), and star of the WB's Gossip Girl was exactly how we expected her to be; she's really mad, and she's going to not eat and bleach her hair until we all know it. Her dress looked edible, her avuncular band could have all used a shower and more age-appropriate group leader, and the crowd was a mixed bag . We were expecting teens and moms out for a spring break jaunt on the town, but instead the fans were middle-aged lesbians, local hipsters and young gays screaming the words over the PA. 

Though we never did get down to the bottom of what makes Little J so angry, we did get cowboy boot hand stamps, Natty Boh on tap and stumbled across this sweet treat outside of the club:
Ahhh, youth. And before you get all up in our grill for taking a picture, please note that she was very rude, puked in front of the exit and refused our help.

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  1. More scene gossip and gotcha pics would be a welcome addition to CharmedCity. Or any local blog, for that matter.


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