Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Smell You Later

Hold your tears- we've decided to leave our blogspot home and move over to wordpress. We will still continue to amuse and delight all (five) of you on the new site- it'll just look a little better while we do it. Head over to and if you care about us at all, subscribe! And tell your friends! And your enemies!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baltimore: The City That Reads

Who needs the internet when all the answers to life's question can be found plastered to the mail box on Monument?

Hurts So Good

When we first discover something that we absolutely, without a doubt need to own, it becomes somewhat of an obsession. We lie awake at night envisioning ourselves with (insert coveted item here) and how our lives will be infinitely better once we finally get our greedy paws on it. Sick bitches, indeed.
Our current bout occurred whilst flipping through one of the dozen and a half editorials (fine, it was Cosmo) that we so adore. From the moment we laid eyes on Sam Edelman's Exie flats, we knew that they had to be ours. We're still unsure if it was the doubles-as-a-weapon angle or some freakish desire to rock self inflicted ankle wounds all Summer. Either way, they are now safely at home in our bedroom closet.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nasty Gal

Besides our birthdays, we may be entering the very best time of the year. Despite the rain, pollen and bipolar temperatures, a million fun parties, festivals and events are happening. This week alone we have the first First Thursdays, Mount Vernon Flower Mart, a fabulous Kentucky Derby party and a college graduation to attend in beautiful, cultural, Williamsport, PA. Having a full dance card is lovely, but outfits are sparse as spring cleaning has revealed closets hit hard by neglect and questionable choices made while shivering through online winter clearance sales.

Typically we're cheap bitches who re-purpose/wear clothes until they're ruined--- so pilly and sad-looking that even our floorboards don't want to be dusted with them. Luckily, The Circle of (Fashion) Life rewards frugality and lets us believe that each mottled garment begets a new fancy one.

Below are a few favorites from the recently discovered Nasty Gal site. Summer wardrobe beware: You're about to get revamped.

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