Monday, March 21, 2011

The Sailors Say Brandy

What a fabulously Baltimore weekend. We started it off eating Chipotle and watching Diner on Friday, sailed to Fort Carroll (aka Rat Island) on Saturday, headed over to Clipper Mill for the Gutierrez Memorial Lighting, had an impromptu dance party at Shine Creative, continued dancing in Mt Vernon until (yikes) the law had to shut it down at 6am and then spent Sunday recovering at Regis and watching My One and Only (the opening scenes of which were shot in our building!)

Here are some pictures from our weekend. And after work go get a cocktail at Woodberry to check out the new fire pit, for real. Or head to Gutierrez for First Fridays for fire side chats and lots of dancing.
A sail and bridge

A heterosexual love story

A fall from grace

A fortress of curiosity

A break from dancing

A fitting memorial

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