Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Brian Atwood Maniac Pump $580

Michael Antonio Love Me Pump $42

While giving our hefty stack of Fall/Winter magazines a final flip through before they hit the recycling bin, we couldn't ignore one particularly annoying spread. The concept-timeless pieces that every woman should own-was a fabulous topic. The approach-all of these items must cost over $500-was completely batshit and unrealistic.
 We wouldn't dare lie to you, so we freely admit to falling for super impractical, and overpriced items on a pretty regular basis. But when it comes to actually going through with the purchase, it basically never happens. Do a simple pair of nude pumps have to cost $580? Absolutely not. With about 10 seconds of googling and a good eye, a perfectly comparable pair can be yours for well under $100.    

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