Thursday, March 3, 2011

Party On, Garth

Work, be over for the day! Tonight is the City Paper Cosmic Cocktail Party, or as we're calling it, Adult Prom. We're replacing corsages with cab fare and chaperones with champagne, but it's basically the same thing. Even though the theme is cosmic, we both opted to keep things simple with basic dresses and fabulous accessories. If money were no object, we would have scooped up the items below. "Cosmic" is a hard style to define, but we think these funky pieces would fit right in.

Or you can go to The Zone like we did and score crazy costume jewelry for a fraction of the price.

And if you're going to the party tonight, see you there!

Somehow we think David Bowie would approve.

We'd ditch the alien-head hair, but keep the headband.
This Supernova JCrew necklace is the perfect companion to an LBD.

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