Monday, March 14, 2011


Just a couple of guys sharing a love of soccer and spandex
In an effort to keep ourselves well-rounded, we snagged some seats to last night's Baltimore Blast game (soccer, for those who don't follow indoor pro sports leagues). While we could give a crap about the actual game unfolding before us, the real treat was the star studded halftime match featuring our buddies Jeff St. Pierre, and Staxx. In this 5 minute, nail biting, gladiator-esque scrimmage, our boys fought to the brink of exhaustion (ok, maybe not but they were super sweaty when they returned to our seats). Neither team scored (there's a reason why some of these guys sit in a chair in front of a microphone all day) but who doesn't love watching their friends pace a giant field, trying to decapitate their fellow media nerds? Well played, gentlemen. Well played.  

We love sports

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