Monday, December 20, 2010

Takes Me Back

Although we have a tendency to bitch almost every Monday, it's usually not that big of a deal. But not this Monday. Nope. This time, today has been a legitimate nightmare chock full of boredom, and pre-holiday blues. When such a mood strikes, we find that the only cure is a full, eight hours of mindless internet exploring. As we approach the eighth (and final) hour of our day well spent, we proudly present you with.....

Awesome Childhood Memories That We Rediscovered Online

Skip-It!! We're shocked that we still have ankle bones after routinely tripping over this torture device in disguise.

Ahhh Fuzzy Stickers. These furry bits of adhesive were the main form of currency at any lunch table circa '93.

Do you remember Gak!?! Stinkier than Play-Doh and guaranteed to eff up Mom's new carpet. Pure bliss.
No, we never really quite learned how to play with Pogs. Yes, we forced our parents to spend an abnormal amount of money on these weird, cardboard discs.


  1. Feeling the same way. I'm so bored i don't even feel like drinking, which is very much a shame.

  2. we had skip-it as kids. multi-generaltional 'keep the kids occupied puleese' toy.

  3. I really don't like this post. It makes me uncomfortable.


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