Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let It Snow

After the ridiculous amount of snow we got last winter, we swore we would never cheer for a snow day again. It was lovely to have a week off- for the first few days. You can only be stuck on the same block for so long before cabin fever sets in. We tried to get creative to stave off the crazy--- we set up a badminton court on Monument street, walked to a few bravely open bars (thank you, Midtown Yacht Club) and watched a ton of movies. (A warning: Do not watch sad movies on your fifth day of being stuck inside/drunk.)

Despite our fervent belief that snow would ne'er again make us happy, we were wrong. Today's mini snow fall has us buzzing with winter excitement. It also has us nostalgic for our most impressive Snowpacolypse feat: a city igloo. 

We didn't build the igloo per se, but we were crucial in its construction as we kept a huge pot of bourbon cider going for the boys who were actively building. They spent hours making snow bricks out of pickle container jars (you know, the huge white containers) and artfully and carefully used them to create a perfect igloo. We posted a few shots of what we can only assume was Baltimore's only real igloo. 

We may come to regret writing this, but.... here's to winter!!!

The workers mid-construction
The bourbon suppliers, enjoying the spoils of the workers' labor.
Bourbon-induced slip.

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