Saturday, December 11, 2010

Overtly Easy

As the most important, yet conveniently ignored meal of the day, breakfast holds a special place in our hearts. Pancakes, frittatas, cereal, you name it, but never during what one would traditionally consider breakfast time. Hell to the no. Our mornings are typically fueled by a Colgate amuse bouche, and an  entree of ''Oh shit, we're late''. Thanks in part to our rejection to evolve into ''morning people'', Breakfast for Dinner is an oft revisited trend in our homes.
It's not always that interesting but last nights concoction was so incredibly tasty that it just begged us to share.

(Sauteed mushrooms with crumbled bacon and a ton of garlic)
(Two eggs cooked perfectly over easy)

Just toss your mushrooms in a big bowl, top with the fried eggs, and you're ready to go. No recipe, no fuss, just really good breakfast food.

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