Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shameless Plug

This faceless man could launch us into Baltimore super stardom.
It's November 2. To some, it's just the day after the day after Halloween. To others, it's VOTING DAY. We will assume you all already have, or are on your way to getting your I VOTED stickers and senses of fulfilled civic duty. Keep the participatory momentum going and vote for us in the Baltimore Sun's Mobbie Awards!

We are painfully aware that we're a brand new blog with as many followers as there are Hansons, but if early November gives us anything, it's that sparkly excitement feeling of change. We have a new blog design on the way courtesy of this fabulous lady's man, and lots of new DIY's, recipes, restaurant reviews and the hap-hap-happenings around the greater metropolitan area. So click on the link above and vote for Charmed City!

(paid for by no one since blogspot is free and we are poor.)

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