Monday, November 22, 2010

Faking It

(Recipe courtesy of Ghiradelli)
We at charmedcity never claim to be perfect. In fact, we are admittedly flawed. That being said, we're pretty crafty when it comes to convincing others that we are not natural born screw ups. This weekend, for example, we baked a batch of cookies using a Ghirardelli recipe that we've been pretty psyched to try. The dough tasted great, amazing smells were wafting from the oven, and then, disaster struck. Our once beautiful confections had melted into a goopy uni-cookie mess. Head hung low and tear covered spatula in hand, we were about to trash the whole batch. And then we had a light bulb moment. You know all of those cute cookie cutters that we buy and never ever use? And just like that, our ugly chocolate blobs transformed into adorable bite sized wonders. Crisis averted.

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