Friday, November 12, 2010

Beer Light

On this lovely November Friday, we are full of promise for the weekend. The weather is supposed to not be an asshole, we have fun plans in the works, and pay day is inching closer and closer (come ON Monday!). While we await our bi-monthly gelt transfers, we remember the importance of not sacrificing our good time just because we live pay check to pay check. Enter: Beer Light.

Discovered during a particularly rowdy Pride celebration, this under-the-radar brew satiates all our needs. Balking at conventional nomenclature, Beer Light simply is what it is, and for Mount Vernon we think that's fabulously unpretentious. It is sold at Eddie's Market, meaning we can snack and buy beer in the same place. It is only sold at Eddie's Market, thus giving it a certain exclusivity. At less than 50 cents a can its within anyone's budget, plus the packaging gives the appearance of off-brand soda, which cuts down tremendously on open container arrests. And best (or worst) of all, it never tastes the same. Seriously, try it- it's like the Willy Wonka of beer. In our short relationship with Beer Light we've tasted Skittles, cinnamon, Utz chips and- oddly- even beer.

The next time you find yourself strolling empty-handed to a party, broke and embarrassed, we recommend a stop at Eddies to grab some wildly inexpensive local flavor.

A street gang samples BeerLight for the first time.

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