Monday, October 4, 2010

Office Space

Suspended Tissue Poufs
Baltimore Who's Who Map

SOGH Painting and Bamboo Reed

It's not always easy to make your work space your own. After a recent office move, it seemed natural to redo the new digs, and we added color, humor and local flavor to create a little professional oasis.

We whipped up a few tissue paper poufs using bright green, purple and yellow with their alternating pastel shades. They hang above the desk and are placed perfectly to catch mid-eye roll.

Tom Chalkley is a local cartoonist who created a caricature map of Baltimore's finest. We found this one for under $30 at the Charles Village Barnes and Noble. It's a silly conversation piece but has also proved to be a wealth of Trivia Night information. (Montell Williams AND Edward Norton are from Baltimore. And they make very handsome bobble head cartoons.)

We were gifted this SOGH painting, but you can grab one on a quick trip to the American Visionary Art Museum for under $20. The artist works at Side Show (the coolest museum gift store ever) and we're willing to bet he'd be happy to chat about his wood block paintings.

The Onion mug was supposed to be a present but was "left behind" during a holiday gift exchange and now loyally serves as a green tea container and daily reminder.

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