Monday, October 25, 2010


In an attempt to chronicle a day in the life of Baltimore, The Sun is requesting phone snap shots from locals tomorrow, October 26. The "best" photos will be placed on their site, creating an image homage to life in Baltimore in Fall 2010. We put "best" in quotes because we are not sure if the chosen pictures will be based entirely on skill or content. (In this city, you have to be clear about these things.)

Slight confusion aside, we are excited to participate. With our quirky population, cool architecture and odd installations (here's looking at you, ManWoman Statue) Baltimore rarely disappoints the  photographers eye.

To get a head start we posted a blurry shot of an impromptu, post-First Thursdays gathering. We brazenly sipped wine in the street and watched our group number compound as we each saw someone we knew, who then saw someone they knew, until everyone realized they all knew each other somehow anyway.

Baltimore is wonderful like that.

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