Monday, October 25, 2010


(Image courtesy of Jeffrey Campbell)
Overall, we consider ourselves to be pretty practical. We carry an umbrella if it's supposed to rain, avoid drinking red wine if we're wearing white, and pass up on that extra helping of onion rings if we need to be in a bathing suit the next day (that last one is a bold lie). But the moment we saw the Why Tick heels by Jeffrey Campbell, every ounce of practicality went flying out the window. 
Other than the whole ''black goes with everything'' mantra, there is nothing remotely sensible about these five inch studded bad boys. They are not appropriate for the office, they'll steal the attention from any outfit paired with them and we would totally eat pavement if we tried to step off the curb in them. They are the embodiment of an urban shoe myth and that is is exactly why we must have them.

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