Thursday, October 28, 2010

Head to Toe

We are big fans of mixing super girly frills with masculine pieces. Now that "masculinized" garments like super structured blazers and (ugh) pleated pants have found their way out of our lives, the new trend is not conforming women's clothes to be like men's, but rather finding a way to complement gendered clothes. A soft, short skirt worn with ultra-industrial Frye's and a cardigan is the perfect Fall mesh of sweet and kick ass.

We popped over to South Moon Under in Harbor East this week to take a look around (sadly it was a look-dont-touch trip) and we were digging what we saw. We whipped up the fantasy outfit above (totally torn between fantasy boots or fantasy suede pumps, we settled on the latter) and we're taking donations from anyone who wants to help two under-paid ladies boost their wardrobes. 

(All images courtesy of South Moon Under)

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