Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mi Viejo Pueblito

We recently ventured to Highlandtown after reading about a new authentic Mexican restaurant. We figured it would be worth traversing across this country's second most dangerous city (sorry for ya, Detroit) to see if its authenticity was a sham. It was not.

Mi Viejo Pueblito is not in the best part of Baltimore, but its super sunny in and exterior brightens the block. MVP is BYOB and conveniently shares a wall with a liquor store. We grabbed a few Coronas and Modelos, scurried past a group of girls carrying butcher knives (true story) and went in.

The place was bright yellow and totally empty. Our adorable hostess/waitress had some mariachi blaring to offset the silence, so we settled into a sunny little corner and began pouring over the extensive menu. Happily sipping our festive brews and chowing down on five different types of salsa and homemade tortilla chips (make sure you ask for all of the salsas) we finally decided on our meals.
For the record, the massive display of Mexican goodness above is an appetizer. Not knowing what we were in for, we ordered several appetizers to share, mauled the chips, salsa and queso and were stuffed when our food arrived. (May we suggest eating like a lady so you have room to sample all your food?) Every person at the table had to request take-home containers, lest we burst open like pinatas.

Four hungry people ordered half the damn menu and the total cost was $55. AND we all had plenty for lunch the next day. MVP has only been open for eight months, so we suggest going now before word gets out. It's the perfect place to take a large group---bring a case of beer, order a bunch of appetizers and enjoy fresh, festive, communal dining. The service is a little slow and you have to bring your own party (this is not a good spot for a first date) but the food and price can't be beat.
Mi Viejo Pueblito is located at 601. S Conkling St.

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