Friday, October 22, 2010

Reading Rainbow

On a recent weekend jaunt to New York we sent the boys to a nearby pub and high tailed it to Bloomingdales. Hue was having an incredible sale so we snagged a winters-worth of tights and knee socks, and we finally found thigh-high gray stockings! Still looking for the right debut outfit for them, but rest assured, they were paraded around the hotel room for hours. 

During our spree we were happily stopped in our tracks by this little reading nook. A literary oasis among over-priced couture, teeming crowds and perfume spritzers. We love that the design lets the books bring the color, and we especially loved the three foot tall bright pink Barbie book (not pictured). We leafed through the $500(!) book snuggled into the overstuffed leather chairs and peeked over the top of the massive pink ode for some stellar people watching.

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