Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Back when we first met (if one can even remember so far back) we divulged our undying love for dirt-cheap, authentic Mexican food in the form of Mi Viejo Pueblito. In addition to spreading this obsession all over the internet, there is not a single member of our posse who has not dined there (strong arming was only implemented twice). Fearful of having too much of a good thing, we took a brief hiatus, allowing our cravings to truly grow. During this separation, a friend informed us that MVP was under new ownership (?!) and had undergone a name change (?!?!). Unaware of the awesomness of the first iteration, he gave the place high marks (which were likely swayed by the BYOB status). 
Fast forward to this past Saturday night when we made our long awaited trip ''home''. Upon our initial observation, not much had changed. Same sunny exterior, intoxicating smells wafting through the front door, and a wonderful handwritten BYOB sign. Situated at a nice corner table equipped to handle our party of 10, we dove into the menu. Despite the absence of a few dishes, it seemed pretty unscathed. Another sigh of relief. The first plate to arrive at our table was a hefty portion of bright green guacamole. Going in for the first bite, we noticed something odd. The chips. The fresh from the fryer, hot, salty tortilla chips that we have come to expect had been replaced with some straight from the bag Tostitos shit. WTF? And it only got worse from there.
Although everybody's food was hot and palatable, there was nothing exceptional about any of it. Chicken Enchiladas were completely overwhelmed by quarter inch thick corn tortillas and enough mole to overflow a bathtub. Tamales so void of anything but dense, dry masa that they could sink a boat. To be fair, our feelings of devastation were not shared by all. Some of our party ohh-ed and ahh-ed with every bite. Some people enjoy bland food. Au revoir, Mi Viejo Pueblito (we don't care to remember your new epithet). And so, the search for Baltimore's perfect Mexican spot continues....

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  1. Agreed. And I drove all the way from Cleveland for this.


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