Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dominion Ice Cream

Some simple math.
On the fourth and final day of birthday celebrating for this guy, we stumbled upon magic. Dominion Ice Cream in Charles Village not only makes you-wouldnt-know-it-was-vegetable ice cream, they STUFF IT into cupcakes. Though the idea of tomato ice cream was initially a turn off, we figured anything stuffed inside a cupcake would taste delicious. We spent about ten minutes with the very patient staff mixing and matching ice cream flavors with cupcake and icing options. Beet ice cream in a chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing; Cucumber ice cream in a vanilla cupcake with lemon icing; and for the less daring: Cookie dough ice cream in chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing.

It was the fattest, most creative moment in our adult lives.

Don't let the fancy food and fabulous service fool you- Dominion is dirt cheap. A half dozen cupcakes cost $15 bucks...way less than the normal price for bakery cupcakes that don't even have ice cream in them. Get your ass to 33rd and Charles and indulge.

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