Monday, April 4, 2011

Under the Overpass


The farmers market opened yesterday and we couldn't be happier. To ensure an early Sunday wake-up, we had an unusually low-key Saturday night and awoke shockingly refreshed and ready to buy some shit. Since the market opened a full month earlier than usual, the stands were a little sparse. We noticed an influx of "art" (and underwear) dealers along the perimeter, as well as a concrete field of hula hoops and variously-aged hip thrusters. Once we got past the hullabaloo, we bee-lined to the chicken kebab stand, strolled past our favorite Mexican food spot, bought armloads of Boston Lettuce and grabbed a few (half gallons) of fresh chocolate milk.

Even though the produce and snacks are incredible, the best part of the market is running into friends underneath of the high way. The combination of getting your voice heard over the crowd and roaring cars above while jumping around trying to avoid people on roller blades (saw two this weekend) and the hipster parents who apparently made a southern turn out of Park Slope and found themselves in Baltimore is too fun. The catching up with friends part is fun too.
Welcome back, Spring.

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