Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Joe Squared

With the typical happy hour consisting of $1 Jaeger shots and various discounted Red Bull concoctions, we love taking a trip to Joe Squared and reveling in nightly specials that don't suck. In fact, they're pretty effing wonderful. This past Monday night we indulged in 1/2 priced risotto and wine bottles (offered every Monday from 4-7:30). This means that two people stuffed themselves silly with two large bowls of creamy, delicious risotto and two bottles of Sauvignon Blanc (don't judge) for under $40. Happy Hour specials are offered almost every day of the week, each providing an economically respsonible way to get your food and booze fix.
 Bonus points: Flash a few smiles at the bartender and you may even score a few free shots of Grand Marnier (seems like a good idea at the time).

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