Monday, April 18, 2011


When our plans to see Ke$ha (and one of our sisters) at Lycoming College were crushed because of the weather, we threw on our rain boots and headed to Jong Kak. We suggest you wipe that smirk off your face (the soft J kind of takes the name to a Chris Hansen place) and give this Korean BBQ wonder a try. We toasted to everything we could think of with Korean gin, wrapped perfectly smoked chicken, short ribs and pork in verdant lettuce and squealed when the waitress employed a hair dryer to keep our table-top grill from overheating. The best part? This carnivorous and boozy feast cost somewhere in the realm of 120 clams.

The remainder of the weekend was pretty tame in comparison. Saturday was spent submerged in biblical rain falls and vile amounts of television, while Sunday provided us with ideal farmers market and Druid Hill Park/open container weather.   
This is our future.

Pretending we care about each other mid-margarita in Druid Hill Park.

Elderflower vodka... 50% of us thought it tasted like soap.

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  1. if soap tastes like elderberries then I know what I'm eating for lunch...yes Lauren, western fries.


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