Sunday, January 23, 2011

She's My Rushmore

(Image courtesy of this site.)

After being sick for the past few days and having to work over the weekend, Sunday evening quickly found itself dedicated to leftover chicken soup, lots of water and Wes Anderson. In between naps during our marathon, an idea struck. Perhaps it's the cold meds talking, but how fabulous would a series of stills from the Rushmore scene above be? In case you haven't had the pleasure, Bill Murray pours an airplane bottle of liquor into a soda can (which is, at the time, nestled in his breast pocket) and lights a cigarette while another dangles in the other side of his mouth. It's morose and wonderfully funny and we have no clue how to procure said stills. 

Until our computer skills graduate past forging the river in Oregon Trail and figuring out how to change our Facebook profile pictures, this will have to remain a little kitchsy dream. 

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