Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Envy is a Good Color On Us...

We just found this Apartment Therapy tour (via SimplyGrove)and are now debating getting the hell out of freezing Baltimore to buy a house in a milder climate. Maybe it's our arsenal of empty Chap-Stick tubes or the fact that we're debating Bikram yoga solely to sit in a warm room, but we can't take it anymore. 

This incredible Californian home features a stunning kitchen separated from the courtyard with a garage door. That they keep open. Can you imagine having anything open in your house right now? We've barely been opening our fridge because it's too damn cold.

Pull your space heater a little closer and scroll through these lovely images. This space reminds us a little of the upper floors and guts of Center Stage- super high ceilings, long velvet curtains, and an industrial-but-warm feel.
And excuse us, but any house with green bricks and a lounge in the bathroom is worth a cross-country move.

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