Monday, January 24, 2011

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

We spent an obscene amount of time in Hampden this weekend. It's alarmingly easy to do, even when you're starving and the weather is being an asshole. We wandered in and out of damn near every store on the Avenue and in a rare show of frugality, walked away with more pictures than purchases.

We picked up a shimmery long dress from Minas, perfect for a fancy summer date, First Thursdays or as a wedding dress (seriously though). We also nabbed blood orange, caramel and Campari chocolate bars from Ma Petite Shoe, and came this close to filing bankrupcy for a Marc Jacobs bag at Vogue Revisited. One more beer at Fraizer's might have led us back to the bag, but we were on our very best behavior so we went home instead.

Here are some shots from our day.

Vintage dress patterns

Mad Men Lite

Our mascot

Patriotism and thread
The portal to our time wasting


  1. Just a tip: it should be Minás'

    The owner's name is Minás Konsolas.


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