Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Welcome back, Me!As previously noted, I took a ten-day reprieve from my duties here at CharmedCity to skulk around Paris. It was freezing, windy, dark, damp and full of tourists. (Note: I'm not a tourist. I was a visitor.) A free admission day to Disney Land in June couldn't hold a candle to the lines outside the Louvre, Sainte-Chapel, Notre Dame and Louis Vuitton.

The over-crowding/weather were dismal at first, but in the end a blessing. No, I did not see Miss Mona Lisa's smirk, but I did wander around a taxidermy museum for an afternoon. I did not catch Quazimodo  ho-strolling around Notre Dame, but instead got silly-drunk with my boyfriend over beer lunches in several left bank cafes. And so what if we didn't catch the views from the top of the Arc de Triomphe? We toasted the new year with Freixenet on the Seine and then peed in an alley. 

I'll leave you with a few visuals of my Parisian adventure. I'll leave Lauren with a Thank You, Ma'am for holding down the blog fort- I owe you a box of wine and a kiss. I'll leave a Merci to my special man friend for whisking me away to the land of frogs and cheesy crepes. And I'll leave a big, huge crooked-toofed smile for Baltimore, because I may have missed her most of all.

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  1. You can take a girl to Paris, but you can't take the 'I like to eat fountain scum chicken wings' out of a girl.


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