Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Writing on the Wall

(Images courtesy of Better Living Through Design)

Until recently, the thought of wallpapering our homes evoked images of our grandmother's powder room or the lobby at the MVA. We stand corrected, however. And trust when we say that this a superbly bitter pill to swallow, as being wrong is the absolute bane of our combined existence.

 Primarily associated with her go-fuck-yourself amazing gowns, Vivienne Westwood has completely changed our feelings towards wallpaper. Through her collaboration with Cole & Son, the designer has bred new life into a decidedly geriatric trend. Gone are the days of muted pinks and monotone stripes. With the inclusion of bright abstracts, and magically non-preppy plaids, this collection is one that we are totally on board with. Now if only we didn't have to sell our house to afford covering a single wall.....

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