Monday, February 7, 2011

Love Me Tender

With the holiday of love fast approaching, it's time to figure how you want to reward your someone special this year. From baby daddies to friends with benefits, everyone deserves a little recognition on the 14th. With a whole week of planning at our disposal (that's about a month in procrastinator land) it would be in poor taste not to share our ideas with the world. In addition to gifts, we are also including some of our favorite local  eateries suitable for your particular celebration. And here you have it kids.......A Charmed City Guide to J'adore.

Something Special for Your Friend with Benefits.
She's double jointed and can make a mean quesadilla. But you're still not ready to take her home to mom.

...because His & Hers are too much of a commitment


...because every girl deserves a love letter

The Explorer's Lounge
...because you probably won't make it past the salad course anyway, just play footsies over Manhattans before planning a coat closet rendezvous

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