Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Break it Down

(All images courtesy of the Shiznet)

Every year around award season, we make a pretty half assed attempt to see all of the nominated films (between the two of us we have seen three). While we are typically more interested in who is wearing what on the red carpet, it's also nice to know exactly why we are staring at Nicole Kidman's frozen Botox face.

Although noble in intention, our efforts usually fail due to forgetfulness, time constraints, and the underwhelming desire to pay $11 to sit in a cold room for two hours.
 Thanks to some cheeky Brits, this year's Best Picture nominees have gotten a bullshit free makeover in the form of posters that actually tell the truth about what they are advertising. Most likely, we're still not going to see more than half of these, but at least we know what we're not missing.

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