Monday, February 7, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

...And he's back for more. Please enjoy another men's fashion post from our resident lady friend, Mister Patrick James.

In a concerted effort to fend off a RAGING case of seasonal affective disorder, I have been fantasizing about Spring and Summer to a point of hysteria- the return of First Thursdays, Gibson Island outings, sailing trips, wine in Mt. Vernon Park with my feet in the fountain, the farmers’ market- Okay. Slow down, Sally. But for serial- I need some warm weather. And since (according to that little furry fucker in Pennsyltucky) we have six weeks left of winter, I shall assuage my cold-weather madness with some Spring and Summer haberdasheries. 

(Image courtesy of this site.)
 Love this Ben Sherman gingham ditty. Just have to go tanning to dispel any jaundice rumors.

(Image courtesy of this site.)
Shorty-short-short gray chambray shorts. I'm thinking a lawn/croquet party and a bow tie.

(Image courtesy of this site.)
Jesus via Alexander McQueen. I. Need. These.

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