Friday, February 11, 2011

McQueen Bee

While we consider ourselves to be moderately fashionable, we will forever have people in our lives who put us to shame  (who knew that H&M wasn't couture?). A master of the skinny pant and occasional bow tie, Patrick strikes again.

This time last year, the fashion world lost a titan-Alexander McQueen. And I think that it's only fitting to pay homage to this brilliantly innovative man. So to my favorite designer, and one of my favorite artists-you are missed. But your legacy lives on-especially when I get my hands on your gladiator sandals I've been desperately coveting.

I want that head piece

The shape, the construction, the drama

SJP with the man himself-one of my ALLTIME favorite red carpet looks

Flowy, feathery goodness

The last dress from his last collection-a swan song

1 comment:

  1. I only own one McQueen item . . .and I cherish it everyday. That shiz was EXPENSIVE. Love him.


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