Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shoot 'em Up

We know college is over, but sometimes it's nice to update old favorites. WTMD's First Thursday's concert plays right outside our window, meaning early each month we can count on a bevy of visitors. Typically we just grab some beer and wine and hope it doesn't run out, but for the most recent concert we decided to prepare with an adult take on a college staple. 

We give you: The Hello! Shooter.
There is something far less gauche about slurping vodka-soaked Jello out of a fruit rind as opposed to a jagged Dixie cup, wouldn't you agree? 

(Plus they were super fun to make.)

The Hello! Shooters were a big hit. Easy to make, easy to serve and fun without being (terribly) tacky. If you're feeling nostalgic, directions are after the jump.
                                         Hello! Shooters

Jello packets 
(We used oranges and lemons, but anything with a rind will do... limes, grapefruit, etc)
Mellon baller
Muffin tin
1. Boil water and prepare Jello according to packet, substituting half the water with vodka (or more if it's that kind of night.)
2. Cut fruit in half lengthwise and using the mellon baller remove flesh, making sure to peel membrane. (Sorry for the gross terminology...just make sure to peel back the layer between the fruit and the rind.)
3. Place fruit into muffin tin compartments.
4. When the Jello is ready, carefully pour into the halved fruits. Fill to the top, as the Jello will recede a bit. Check to make sure the fruit is stable in the muffin tin to avoid spilling
5. Place in refrigerator overnight.
6. Remove the tins, and using a sharp, non-serrated knife slice the fruit halves into quarters.
7. Arrange your clever mocktails on a fabulous serving tray and enjoy!

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