Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let Them Make Cake!

We have to admit: We almost like making cakes more than eating them. Almost.

We recently whipped up this devils-food-with-vanilla-icing-and-fondant cake for a co-workers birthday and were quite pleased with the results. Duff may be the badass cake maker of our fair city, but we're willing to bet our marshmallow and powdered sugar fondant would impress even him. 

To level the playing field we'll leak the recipe after the jump. 
Duff-initely Delicious Fondant


One package/16 oz mini (or regular) marshmallows
One pound powdered sugar (plus a little extra)
Two tables spoons water
Food dye (optional)
Patience (essential)


1. Place marshmallows in bowl and microwave until slightly squishy 
(we're super technical.) 
2. If you want colorful fondant, NOW is the time to act. Add dye to the water and
pour over marshmallow goo like this:
3. Place back in microwave for 30-40 more seconds and remove.
4. Begin folding powdered sugar into marshmallow goo using a spatula.
5. The more sugar you add, the less your spatula will like it. 
6. When you are fighting the mixture it's time to take it out of the bowl and 
place it onto your crisco and powdered sugar-covered counter.
7. Knead the remaining package of sugar into the mixture
(cover your hands in Crisco to slightly reduce the mess.)
8. Continue to roll fondant until it becomes dough-like and not sticky.
9. Roll into a ball, cover lightly in Crisco, wrap in saran wrap and place in fridge for one hour.
10. Roll out fondant to desired thickness. 
 11. If you plan to lay it over a cake, frost the cake and roll the fondant to twice the cakes size.
Carefully place the fondant over the cake and cut away at the excess until properly covered:
12. Decorate and enjoy!

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