Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ROYGBIV Cupcakes

Sometimes we get home and need a project. We'd seen recipies for rainbow cupcakes around the web and finally were bored enough found the time to try it. It's time consuming but the end result is so deliciously colorful that we will definitely whip these up again soon.

Directions: Make white cake from a box (or from scratch if you're better than us). DONT FORGET to only use egg whites... we almost had a disaster on our hands.

Separate batter into separate bowls and mix in food coloring. Obviously use more coloring for vibrant shades, and don't be afraid to experiment with mixing colors. We think our batter ended up looking like the faux food fight in Hook.
Using a fork, drizzle layers of color into the muffin tins. This part takes forver but requires your complete concentration. Luckily you're making cupcakes so any mess ups will still taste fantastic.
Et voila! After spending a little time in the oven theyre ready to be devoured. We mixed coloring into our icing to spice things up, but if you're more traditional, feel free to stick to boring white.

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